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Love this product! So amazing, smells great, packaged really well :)

Absolutely amazing product. I just cannot get enough of the sublime flavour, glow and quality that entails this winner of a lippie!!

The marshmallow smell was just like musk sticks and the colour was lovely too. My favourite bath bomb scent!!

My raspberry bath bomb smells amazing and leaves my skin feeling soft and clean. Very bubbly and all the natural ingredients are great.

Tried the shaving cream for the first time. Smelt nice had a great texture and made shaving really easy. Just what I needed to freshen up!

Monkey Farts are seriously a lot of fun. Great for the kids and the big kids too. I have really sensitive skin so it’s comforting to know that there are natural and eco-friendly skin care products out there that won’t cause any odd reactions.

This candle has a subtle, but beautiful scent. I really love to use it while I’m working to create a calming atmosphere. :)

This Salted Caramel scrub is HEAVEN! The smell gives a genuine urge to eat the product (don’t eat it) because it smells so delicious and the texture is divine. I was very impressed with how little I need to use per wash. A small scoop is plenty.

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