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Light Bamboo Stainless Steel Safety Razor


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Our reusable eco safety razors for women or men are precision engineered to provide a smooth and comfortable zero waste shaving experience. Each men’s or women’s safety razor has a textured grip and extra-long chrome metal handle, perfectly balanced for shaving hard to reach areas.

Our DE eco-friendly safety razors are accompanied by a natural white travel bag, made from a blend of soft organic cotton and ethically sourced jute. We house our plastic-free razors in a premium, magnetic gift box, colour matched to make the perfect sustainable gift.

The Safety Razor Set Contains:

1 x reusable razor for women or men
1 x Organic white jute travel pouch
1 x Sustainable Gift Box
1 x Pack of double-edged razor blades


  • Comfortable, weighted long chrome handle – ideal for beginners
  • Eco-friendly women's razor or eco-friendly men's razor - Completely unisex & environmentally friendly razors.
  • Comes with a colour printed gift box and unique natural jute travel bag
  • Compatible with any double-edged DE safety razor blade
  • Zero Waste

How to use a safety razor

Once you have invested in an eco-friendly safety razor, you will need some high-quality razor blades to get started. Our sustainable razors are compatible with any double-edged razor blades, which can be purchased at large supermarkets, pharmacies or barbershops.
We recommend using your safety razor with shaving cream.

Step-by-step instructions:
  1. Place your thumb on one side of the razor head and your index finger on the other side, twist and unscrew. 
  2. Carefully separate the razor head and place a double-edged razor blade in between the two pieces that make up the head of your razor.
  3. Re-screw the razor head and the razor base back together. Make sure that the ridges on the razor head are facing upwards (Common mistake). 
  4. Before shaving, soak your razor in hot water and douse your skin with hot water, or heat your skin with a hot towel. 
  5. Apply shaving soap (preferably plastic-free) to the area that you would like to shave. If you are using Jungle Culture shaving soap then make sure to lather by rubbing in a circular motion.
  6. At roughly a 45 degree angle, move your razor in straight lines across your skin, making sure to only shave in straight lines, not diagonally. 
  7. Pull your skin taut whilst shaving for the closest possible shave.
  8. Rinse your razor throughout and apply more shaving cream if necessary. Once you are finished, store your razor somewhere dry. Preferably using a razor stand.
Here is a video tutorial we found showing how to replace safety razor blades: Click me Here is another video showing start to finish how to shave with a safety razor (men): Click me Here is another video explanation of how to use a safety razor for women: Click me

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