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Bath Scrubs & Cleansers

Treat yourself to glowing skin with our decadent range of salt and sugar scrubs, whipped soap body wash tubs that nourish dry skin and scrub away dead skin cells. Our body scrubs feature enriching ingredients including shea butter, coconut oil, essential oils and sea salt for a natural exfoliating experience that leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. Our exfoliating cleansers are a gentle exfoliating scrub with a creamier texture and perfect for anyone who enjoys the rich, creamy texture of our whipped soaps.


Handmade whipped bath soap and bath scrub collection

Like all of our beauty products, our range of bath and body skin care cleansers are palm oil freed, cruelty-free, Australian Made and bursting with vibrant, natural ingredients that smell amazing while nourishing your skin. Make personal care fun with our delicious-smelling range of cleansers, scrubs and whipped soaps, suitable for sensitive skin.

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