The Story of Raw Beauty Box

How did Raw Beauty Boxes come to life?

I actually started with Raw Beauty Studio 11yrs ago as a way to keep myself busy after having to give up full-time work due to ill health. Like so many other “hobbies” it soon turned in to a business and well, here we are today.

During this time, I also continued my long term love of Orangutans and became an active supporter, by adopting two baby Orangs through The Orangutan Project based out of Perth, Western Australia as my way of giving back to an animal I loved and a species in danger of losing their natural habitat through the consumer-driven need for Palm Oil which is grown in many parts of their natural environment.

Another reason to create Raw Beauty Boxes was a lot of the perfumes out there on the market contain palm oil and this is the trees of the very habitat where Orangutans live.

So the love of Orangutans and wanting to give back to them was the driving force on how I could counter this situation. Thus Raw Beauty Box was born.

Not only are all our products made with 100% environmentally friendly ingredients, but we are also actively seeking to partner with an Orangutan Charity for a community partnership.

We have developed Raw Beauty Box on both a subscription basis as well as a typical e-commerce store to give our customers the widest choices on our beautiful products.

All our products are proudly made by hand on the east coast of Australia and have been awarded Australia Made license.

So I hope you will love our products as much as we loved making them for you and remember they also help protect our environment and support our community partners.

Thank you for shopping with us, We hope to see you again and again, regards, Marcus.